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  • What can Laser treatment do to help my scars?+

    The use of Laser therapy to help improve scars is an emerging treatment in the world of burn treatments. The evidence is increasing that Laser may help the appearance, pliability/flexibility and itch of scars . Laser therapy needs to be done by experienced doctors and commonly typically involves multiple sessions, commonly 3-6 sessions over multiple weeks. Treatment can inititially be painful and require wound dressings. Laser can also be used in combination with other scar treatments.

    • What can I do to lessen the itch?+

      Making sure your healed skin is well moisturised with a simple non fragrant cream read more here: Burn itch

    • Why do I overheat?+

      If your body has a large are of burn scar then you will have lost your ability to naturally cool your body by sweating. Read more here: Looking after my skin

    • Why does my skin break down easily?+

      After burned skin has healed your burn was deep then the new skin is never as tough and robust as before the injury and is more likely to be damaged if you knock your skin. This can be especially true over elbows and knees and other boney parts. Read more here: Looking after my skin

    • Why do I tend to gain weight?+

      Initially when you have a large burn injury you burn more energy than normal and you are encouraged to eat a high calory diet to help with healing. When you return home and start to get back to ‘normal’ life there often can be restrictions to physical activity due to physical disability or feelings that prevent you from being very active. You may also be continuing to eat a high calory diet when it may no longer be necessary.  Advice on nutrition and physical activity may be needed to get you back on track. Contacting the burn unit you were treated at or your GP and asking for a referral may be helpful.

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