Empower burn survivors to thrive again

Community can be many different things in different situations. A strong successful community can be characterised where we all accept and respect individuals and their life journeys and can come together to live successfully together to be productive, supportive and creative.


Our promise to burn survivors is simple yet powerful: you are greater than. You can get back to living after a burn injury. We can help, with caring people to share the journey and resources to make burn recovery easier. You can do more than survive. You can thrive.

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Seeking Interview Participants

20 May 2024

Contact Mariah at wormy004@mymail.unisa.edu.au

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Are you a burn survivor, family member or carer?

3 May 2024

Would you like to help with a new burn Model of Care? Burn Model of Care Invitation Research Study Title: Co-designing and implementing an evidence-based best-practice model of care for burn patients

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