Burn survivors are not alone in their journey

The key message is to let burn survivors know they are not alone in their experience. Beyond Burns online hub provides many ways to connect to others in the community, whether by accessing quality burns medical resources, reading personal stories or connection to others through chat.


Our research shows that most burn survivors would love to be part of a burns community to assist in their recovery and transition to regularity. However survivors can feel alone and isolated in their experience. Beyond Burns provides a safe, unified platform to connect the burns community and allows burn survivors to support each other in their rehabilitation and transition back into everyday lives.

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Currently burn survivors can request access to the closed, safe and moderated Beyond Burns Forum on Facebook

Beyond Burns on Facebook

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Help find the Top 10 most important questions for global burns research

28 November 2023

We want to know what questions about burns care and treatment you want answered. If you: Are a patient or survivor of a heat burn injury Care for someone who has experienced a

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