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Burn injuries not only affect burn survivors, but also their families who often become carers.


Depending on the seriousness of the injury, family members may even become full or part time carers which may mean sacrificing their job or other commitments. In addition, 74% of burn injuries occur in domestic residences and this generally means that family members are present at the time of the incident, and may experience trauma or shock. Beyond Burns understands this and is able to provide support to not only burn survivors but also to family, friends and carers who may not have any prior experience or knowledge with dealing with burns.

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Seeking Interview Participants

20 May 2024

Contact Mariah at wormy004@mymail.unisa.edu.au

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Are you a burn survivor, family member or carer?

3 May 2024

Would you like to help with a new burn Model of Care? Burn Model of Care Invitation Research Study Title: Co-designing and implementing an evidence-based best-practice model of care for burn patients

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