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This collection of articles and stories was developed by our expert network and members of our community. Resources include personal stories, practical tools, and reliable information to support your journey of recovery.

Long term scar management

What to do when things might be going wrong Even if you

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Children and Burn Trauma

Children Coping with Burn Injury Trauma Trauma describes the impact of an

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Emotional response to a Burn Injury

Emotional reactions to a Burn Injury Although each person’s experience is a

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Burn Injury Prevention

  Prevention is better than cure Burns can be caused in many

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Support Groups & Services

Support groups consists of people with common experiences and concerns who can

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Wearing pressure for burn injuries

Why do I need to wear a pressure garment after a burn

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Exercise and stretching with burn injuries

Exercise and stretching with burn injuries Why do I need to stretch

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Looking after my skin after a burn injury

Massaging healed burned skin What is different about my skin? The burn

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Wearing splints for burn injuries

Wearing a splint for a burn injury Why do I need to

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